Full Time; $40,000-50,000
Salary & Benefit Package


The Director of Youth Ministry will provide primary leadership and support for the youth ministry program and work to lead an integrated ministry, partnering with parents and the broader church family to successfully disciple students in Jesus Christ.

Mount Olympus Church is a relaxed, intergenerational congregation nestled on the east bench of the Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

• Foster a life of personal prayer and devotion, including taking a weekly Sabbath.
• To provide opportunity for students to grow in following Jesus Christ.
• To recruit, train, lead, guide, equip, and care for the youth ministry volunteers as they work together to provide leadership for youth ministry in the congregation. This includes having regular meetings to train, inform and resource lay leadership.
• To work in partnership with the Youth Ministry Team to enable the team to keep the goals and objectives for youth ministry clear and in focus, as well as specific, measurable and attainable.
• To function as a communication link among the various facets of the youth ministry program, and the main connection to the church staff, the elders and the congregation. This includes attending church staff meetings.
• To provide leadership for youth fellowship meetings, retreats, mission trips and other youth ministry activities, including planning and leading fundraising efforts.
• To provide pastoral care to youth and their families.
• To model and provide a ministry example built on relational discipleship. This will be shown by becoming personally acquainted with and invested in youth and their families, and their needs, hopes, and problems, giving particular attention to those with special
• To lead and oversee the process for formal membership/baptism for the youth of the congregation.
• To engage in personal, spiritual and professional growth through personal study and participation in workshops, seminars and other continuing education events.

• Ministry programming marked by the commitment to invite students to experience Jesus Christ and become his passionate followers.
• Youth regularly professing faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; becoming his passionate followers and leading to spiritual growth and commitment to Jesus Christ of youth and their families.
• A trained, effective, and cared-for volunteer staff of leaders made up of members of the congregation, operating a dynamic and multi-faceted youth ministry program where loving relationships with students are the priority.

• Excellent organizational and communications skills (verbal, written, and using electronic
• Strong administrative, leadership and relational skills
• Knowledgeable in Student Ministries with at least 2 years of experience. College degree desired/required (could be close to completion), preferably with a focus on ministry.
• Theological and philosophical alignment with PCUSA
• Ability to multi-task with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and positive attitude
• Team player and team builder with a focus on the vision of the whole church
• Efficient time management skills, with the ability to balance numerous requirements
• Ability to learn quickly, multi-task and work independently as well as, part of a team

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