Part-Time Associate Pastor Serarch

The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) of Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City Utah is seeking applicants for the position of a part-time Associate Pastor to serve with our

Senior Pastor, Dr. Chris Pritchett.


The documents shown below, highlight key aspects of our church and the Salt Lake City valley where our church is located. Our Mission Information Form is also provided below with the description of the Associate Pastor position.


Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church at a Glance


Salt Lake City at a Glance


Mission Information Form


For further information, contact:

Dennis R. Winge APNC Chairman,

Our Mission is to invite people to experience Jesus Christ and become His passionate followers. We seek to glorify God and be transformed through prayer and study of His word. As a caring community of faith, we are interested in involving each member with their unique gifts and talents to become a light in the Salt Lake area.

Worship is the heart of our congregation’s life. It is a time of joyful praise and an opportunity to draw strength from Jesus Christ through God’s word and Spirit, and a time of warm fellowship. Contemporary and traditional Sunday worship services are held weekly. We are committed to the centrality of Jesus Christ as our foundation and desire greater spiritual growth. We believe that salvation comes only through this Jesus. We believe that the Old and New Testaments are the only authoritative and inspired scriptures given to us whereby we may discern the nature of God and what He requires of mankind


Prayer permeates all our ministries. It is vital to our congregation and sustains all our ministries. Christian education and outreach ministry are focal points in our congregational life.