Bre Magill

The congregation of

Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church unanimously accepted

Bre Magill for the position of Associate Pastor.

Basis for selection of Bre Magill


  • Bre is exceptionally well trained. She completed her Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in June 2021 and previously completed her BA degree in Theology from Whitworth University in 2011. She worked this past year as a Pastoral Associate at First Presbyterian in SLC as well as serving as a PRN Chaplain at St Mark’s Hospital. She served as an Assistant Director of Youth Ministry at MOPC from 2013 to 2014 and Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry at MOPC from 2012 to 2013. During her time at MOPC, Bre preached multiple times and we were blessed by her teachings. She was widely appreciated and admired at MOPC!
  • Bre is gifted in areas of teaching, leadership, organization, and pastoral care. She has a heart for interpersonal relationships and shared service within the church.
  • Bre exhibits competencies that match the qualities we sought in an Associate Pastor. Her application provides insightful and articulate narratives to numerous questions. She met the attributes we sought including spiritual maturity, gifted communication, compassion, flexibility, collaboration, and skill in interpersonal engagements.
  • The reference reports for Bre were stellar. One person wrote the following: “She is skilled in every area of this type of ministry. She can preach, teach, organize community opportunities, work with children’s ministry, give pastoral care, and lead worship. My personal favorite is her prayers. She offers beautiful and Spirit filled prayers. The congregation at First Pres SLC has enjoyed her leadership, she has worked well with other staff, she has been organized and efficient, and has been a huge asset to the church. Her heart for God and ministry shines through in everything she does.” Other references commented that Bre was a joy to work with. People commented that she was open, engaged and committed to her own growth and to the growth of her peers. Bre’s sense of care for other, and curiosity for greater understanding of others and herself were deemed to be impressive. People affirmed that she has tremendous potential as a pastor. Another reference stated that Bre is grounded in her Christian identity, with a passion to continue to learn and grow in her vocation. This person who knows MOPC well stated, “I know MOPC as a church values Biblical literacy and learning. Bre brings both of those things. She is versed and learned in biblical and supplementary texts and continues to grow in her organic theological education.”



Letter from Bre Magill


Dear Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church,


I am delighted to have been nominated for the position of Associate Pastor at MOPC. I deeply appreciate the prayerful work of the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee and our journey together these last few months in discerning God’s call for this role.


I know MOPC to be a vibrant and faithful congregation. I had the privilege of serving on staff as MOPC’s Assistant Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry from 2012-2014. In that time, I witnessed a diverse and intergenerational church body, actively engaged in ministry and continuously seeking the Kingdom of God.

In fact, it was in and through this congregation that God first called me to pastoral ministry. Having grown up in a small town with no female pastors, I had little frame of reference for women in church leadership. I was unaware for many years that my call to follow Christ could ever grow into an ordained vocation—until I was welcomed into service, given opportunities in leadership, and encouraged in my spiritual gifts by many of you. Since then, God has developed in me a passion for discipleship, teaching, relationship-building, faith exploration, stewardship, and pastoral care. His grace has been poured out on my heart and in my ministry, and I now hope to offer those gifts back to this community. With God’s help, we can continue to build one another up in faith and pursue our mission as His church to “invite people to experience Jesus Christ and become his passionate followers.”


I look forward to spending time with you soon. To those of you I know, I’m excited to see you and worship with you again; and to those I have yet to meet, I look forward to getting to know you! No matter where the future takes us, I am confident in God’s ability to hold all of us fast and shape us into the image of Christ together by the power of His Holy Spirit. Please know that through this process, I continue to hold all of you in my prayers.


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever” (Ephesians 3:20-21).


Grace and peace to you all,


Bre Magill

Biographical Sketch of Bre Magill

Bre received her Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Fuller Theological Seminary (Northwest Campus), and her Bachelor’s in Theology from Whitworth University. During her time at Whitworth, she met Matt Magill, who later became her husband.

After college, Bre and Matt moved to Salt Lake City where Matt grew up (and attended MOPC for many years). Here, Bre served as the Assistant Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries at MOPC. She was also involved in guest preaching, teaching Sunday School, and active leadership with The Mount—MOPC’s Sunday evening service that chiefly engaged college students and young adults.


Bre and Matt moved back to Washington in 2014 to complete their graduate education (Matt received his PhD. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University), and returned to Salt Lake again in 2020, where Bre completed her Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Mark’s Hospital. She is currently serving as the Pastoral Associate at First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City. She has also worked as a PRN chaplain and been a guest preacher at churches across the state of Utah.


In their free time, Bre and Matt enjoy running, hiking, playing board games, and spending time with their family. Bre also loves reading and taking their tiny dog, Lucy, for walks in Sugarhouse Park—and she is happy to get together any time for coffee!

Bre Magill’s Statement of Faith

I believe in one triune God, the maker of heaven and earth, whose mysterious and eternal being is well beyond human understanding. Even so, God has been pleased to reveal God’s self to us throughout history—by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the person of Jesus Christ—so that we may know and worship him joyfully and with our whole mind, heart, and soul.


I believe that the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures bear witness to this revelation and are rightly called the inspired Word of God for all humankind. In this Word, God is demonstrated to be gracious and compassionate, holy and just, faithful to his covenants, and worthy of all honor and glory.


I believe that God, who is called “the Father,” is the creator and sustainer of all things, seen and unseen. I believe that all persons have been uniquely created in God’s image out of an abundance of his great love. We are invited to live in perfect union with God and one another, and to steward his magnificent creation with care. By our willful disobedience, we have violated that union, becoming alienated from God and dead in our sin. Yet even in this broken state, God, in his infinite mercy, has chosen us to be his people and made way for the redemption of his creation.


I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ, who is the eternally begotten Son of the Father. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary in fully human flesh, he was nevertheless fully God and perfectly without sin. He healed the sick, befriended the outcast, and spent his days on earth proclaiming God’s Kingdom come. In full submission to the will of the Father, he was unjustly arrested, condemned, and crucified on a Roman cross. In his death, Jesus descended to hell, and on the third day, he rose again. Thus, the power of God overcame all sin and death; and by no merit of our own, but by the righteousness of God in Christ, we have been restored to right relationship with God. I believe that after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. He will one day come again to judge the living and the dead, and his glorious Kingdom will have no end.


I believe in the Holy Spirit, who is also called our Helper and Advocate. This Spirit was present before creation and is fully God along with the Father and the Son. This Spirit spoke through the prophets and apostles, inspired the writing of the Scriptures, and acts in the world to accomplish the will of God. By the Spirit, we are called to repent and believe the gospel and are sanctified into the likeness of Christ.


I believe that the Church is the community of believers across time and space who are united with one another and God, in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Together, we partake in the sacraments as outward signs of the inward grace which has been sealed on our hearts. In our baptism, we participate in the death and resurrection of Christ and are welcomed into the family of God. In the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, we not only anticipate the glorious feast to come, but are reminded of Christ’s death and given spiritual sustenance to continue his good work in the world: worshipping God, loving our neighbor, tearing down the dividing walls of hostility, making every effort toward peace and justice, tending creation, and proclaiming God’s glorious Kingdom until Christ comes again.


I believe with my whole being that God is the essence and source of all life, love, and truth. To know and worship him is an incredible and undeserved gift. With God’s help, I seek to live my life according to these beliefs and abide in his loving arms forever. Amen.