The Inverted Student Youth Ministry

A Life Right Side Up In A World Upside Down

Inverted Student Ministry exists to invite all students to experience Jesus Christ and become his passionate followers.

When we meet and what we do:

Wednesday Nights: Track One

We offer both Junior High (6-8th graders) and High School (9th-12th graders) Youth Programming on Wednesday Nights, 7-8:30pm, throughout the school year. Though JH and HS groups might operate a bit differently, both groups are built around bible study, relationship building, faith development and learning how to grow up well. When students attend a Wednesday night group they will be learning what we call Track One Material; the foundational and core distinctives of Christianity and the story of God at work in the world. Wednesdays are also a great night to get to know our amazing adult mentors, play and enjoy friends and think more about faith.

Learning Labs: Track Two & Three

Track Two and Three Material are offered on Sundays, either during the family education hour (9:45-10:45am) or over lunch after the 11am worship service. These are classes we call “Learning Labs”; places for students to study deeper faith formation and also have a chance to tryout or practice what they’re learning. We offer Track Two classes like “Devotion: How to love God well through worship, prayer and bible study” or “Overview of the New Testament.” Track Three Material goes a bit deeper and offers classes like “Love Does Something: How faith shapes my worldview and calls me to action” or “Overview of the Spiritual Disciplines”. *Please see current youth calendar for dates. All youth mission trip attendance required Track Two and Three Material.


Our goal at Inverted is to see every interested student paired with a fantastic adult mentor. We think it’s very important that students have someone further along the faith journey to watch and learn from. We kick off new mentoring relationships annually beginning in January.


Though we have three Sunday Worship services here at Mt Olympus, we find that most students attend 11am and so we encourage students to worship with us there. Come sit with us in the first few rows on the left-hand side any Sunday.


We are very involved in mission work here at Inverted and take teams of students all over the city, country and world to serve, give and show the love of God. From serving the homeless in Los Angeles to working in orphanages in Kenya; we do our best to go into all the world in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Beyond our weekly programming we offer a wide array of other youth events. Some of the highlights are community service projects with the homeless community, late nights playing hide-n-seek in the dark or capture the flag in the church, outings to paintball or water parks, annual youth events like costume parties and scavenger hunts, and plenty of time spent playing in all our amazing Utah snow. We also offer annual retreats and summer camps where we go away to play and get to know Jesus. *Please see current youth calendar for dates. 


Jared McClure, Director of Inverted Student Ministry (HS) email

Ways to get involved:

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Email our staff; we’d love to get to know you and get you plugged in.